VoxCroft Analytics uses artificial intelligence and human expertise to build technology with wide-ranging applications. Among these are language solutions for low-density languages, particularly in Africa.

One of our current projects requires good-quality bilingual data to feed into our models.

We are looking for linguists with good language skills to translate from English to Tigrinya. We need a team of twenty (20) linguists to translate about 230,000 sentences over eleven (11) months from the commencement date or until the target has been reached.

Potential candidates:

  • Do not need to be professional translators but must display language proficiency in translating written English sentences accurately into [language].
  • Must portray excellent attention to detail and a good grasp of their mother tongue's spelling and grammar rules.
  • Must also assess the quality of bilingual sentence pairs according to VoxCroft’s quality standards.

Linguists need to be available to work at least 8-15 hours per week during the contracting period and be able to translate at least 200 sentences per week.

Payment is made based on the quality of texts, beginning with a base rate of $0.30 per sentence. The quality assurance task is remunerated at a flat rate of $0.22 per sentence.

Successful candidates will:

  • Work online remotely,
  • Must have their computer/laptop and access to reliable Internet for the duration of the contract.
  • Candidates must have a local currency bank account to accept international payments and proof thereof.
  • Candidates must have proof of identification (passport etc.)
  • All shortlisted candidates will undergo a test, and only those who meet the required standards will be selected.

Work will begin once the contracts are signed.

Candidates are asked to submit their CVs and a cover letter explaining how they meet this project's requirements.